3 Simple, Effective Daily Grooming Routines: Hair, Shave, and Skin Care

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Have you started a daily skin care and grooming routine yet? We certainly hope so. Not only does a well groomed guy turn more heads, he oozes higher energy and greater confidence. Follow the three below hair, skin and shave routines to take your grooming to the next level.


Skin Care Routine:

Skin care isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Every man should have a basic daily skin care routine that consists of cleansing, exfoliating moisturizing, and prevention they follow nearly every day.

Before creating any skin care routine, learn what type of skin you have. In general, there are five different skin types guys fall into:

Normal: Your skin stays oil free most of the day and doesn’t get easily irritated or exceedingly dry.

Oily Skin: Your skin has a natural shimmer to it, often leading to some build up or acne.

Dry/Sensitive Skin: Your skin is really easily irritated and often feels dry or tight.

Combination:  For those with both oily and sensitive skin, the face develops a “T” zone of oily skin with the horizontal bar of the T stretching across your forehead and the vertical bar running down to the tip of your nose. This area is typically where oil builds up, leaving the rest of the face (primarily the cheeks) dry or sensitive.

Aging Skin: Aging skin is just like it sounds. It’s skin that appears worn out, wrinkled, or having age spots. In other words, this is the type of skin for guys who have spent many years not taking care of their skin.

Never forget to look on the package of a skin care product you’re about to buy to see if it’s been formulated for your skin type. Once you have figured out what type of skin you have, you can effectively build out a routine that works for you.



[tab title=”Cleanse” icon=”“]

The foundation of any quality skin care routine is to thoroughly, yet gently wash your skin with a men’s face wash. Cleansing your skin with a men’s face wash in the morning and before bed will help remove the types of oils, bacteria, and impurities that clog your pores, leading to acne and a dull overall complexion.

Before washing your face, make sure to first hop into the shower or splashing some warm water over the skin. This will help expand your pores to allow for a better, deeper wash. Apply a men’s face wash all over, gently rubbing in circles. When complete, rinse your face with cool water to help close the pores before gently patting your face dry with a clean towel.


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Exfoliating is a crucial step that most guys skip out on. Using a men’s face scrub offers two huge benefits to men – it removes dead skin cells, build up, and other impurities on the face that a face wash can leave behind, while also softening up whiskers, lifting them from the skin for a smoother, tug free shave.

Using a face scrub to exfoliate your face is easy and should directly follow a wash only every second or third time. Gently rub the face scrub over your shave area and the parts of your skin that are most susceptible to build up (forehead, nose, chin). Continue rubbing into your skin for about thirty seconds and rinse the scrub off your face with cool water to close the pores. Gently pat your face dry.


[tab title=”Moisturize”]

Using a face moisturizer daily helps keep the skin cells full of water, while preventing oils and other impurities from seeping into and clogging the pores. The biggest difference between someone with healthy looking skin and tired looking skin is hydration. Not only does it make the skin look healthy and radiant, it also provides anti-aging benefits via nutrients and stimulating collagen production (the structural protein of the skin that keeps it looking firm).

After patting your face completely dry from washing it (or after exfoliating), apply a thin layer of face moisturizer all over, especially targeting your forehead, around the eyes and your cheeks. If you are like most guys, you are probably applying far too much moisturizer to your face. Start with just a dab, and go from there. Remember, guys have oilier skin than women, so moisturizer on your face won’t absorb as efficiently as with women.




Sunscreen: Any good preventative skin care routine should start with preventing the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin. Despite what most people think, a tan is actually your body’s way of telling you that your skin has been harmed and is trying to protect itself from further damage.

Before going outside, liberally use a sunscreen with at least SPF15 all over any skin that will be exposed to the sun. If you’re sweating or in and out of the water, make a point to reapply every hour no matter what.

Anti Aging Cream: If you’re the type of guy who is haunted by father time, we suggest use an anti-aging cream for men every night before you hit the hay. The body kicks into a natural restorative process while you sleep and applying the cream to the skin before bed really augments its effects. While nothing short of Botox with magically make wrinkles vanish, a good men’s anti-aging cream should hamper the development of wrinkles while ironing out some of your fine lines.

Eye Cream: Don’t be the type of guy that bristles at the thought of using eye cream until you have tried it.  Most guys we talk to realize how helpful they are after just one use. As we sleep, fluid builds up underneath your eyes, causing blood to push up against the skin, leading to unsightly dark circles and bags. It takes a bit of time for the body to drain this fluid naturally and that is where an eye cream comes in. Most eye creams contain some form of caffeine. Caffeine encourages the blood to start moving, breaking up the puffiness and dark circles and giving you a brighter look, quicker. If you’re a guy who likes to stay up late, or often feel the effects of that last cocktail in the morning, a men’s eye cream will be the ace in your sleeve towards looking like you got a full night’s sleep.


Shave Routine:

A lot of guys complain that shaving is a daily chore that only results in irritation, redness and ingrown hairs. We are here to tell those guys that they are doing it all wrong. Despite what larger shaving companies may tell you, what you do leading up to and after a shave are the true determinants on how great your shave will be.


Wash up with men’s face wash to remove build up and residue that could seep into your pores while shaving leading to the irritation and breakouts. Remember to always open your pores before washing your face with warm water.

After washing your face, use a men’s face scrub to soften and lift up the whiskers in the shave area. This will allow for closer and tug free shave.

Hydrate with moisturizer. Nearly every time that your razor touches your face it pulls all the good moisture in the skin, causing major dryness and irritation. Applying a men’s facial lotion pre shave should prevent the major moisture loss that occurs with each blade swipe.


Always make sure to use a fresh or sharpened blade. This is not a race to the finish! Shave in short, careful strokes; to avoid “ripping” the hair out like happens with faster, long strokes. Rinse the blade clean in warm water every three to four strokes, making sure to remove any buildup of skin and hair. This will help to keep a close, smooth shave.

Always shave with the grain of your hair. Some guys get tempted by the idea that a “closer shave” is achieved by going against it. We are here to tell you that going against the grain will almost always cut the hair below the skin, causing you to develop a batch of unsightly ingrown hairs.

Post Shave:

Immediately apply a face moisturizer (again) to hydrate the skin and prevent further irritation. If you’re prone to red bumps and acne, use an aftershave with anti-septic ingredients to help help kill bacteria causing the obvious irritations.

If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, a few days after your shave, rub the shave area gently with a men’s face scrub. This will help prevent sharpened, juvenile strands from retreating back into your skin.


Hair Care Routine:

A full head of well styled hair can really improve the way a guy looks and feels about his appearance. To achieve this yourself, you need healthy hair to start. Use the following men’s hair care routine to kick your hair to the next level.


Most people, regardless of gender, scrub their hair clean every single day in the shower without knowing the damage they are causing. Shampooing everyday can actually lead to very unhealthy hair. Every time that you shampoo you are robbing your hair of the essential oils that your body uses used by the hair to keep it growing healthy and full of volume. Figure out how your hair responds to shampooing only every other day, and you should notice a huge difference in your hair after only a few weeks.


If you are the type of guy that avoids throwing in conditioner, know that you are not alone. Most of guys we hear from aren’t sure what hair conditioner even does. A good hair conditioner act just like a moisturizer for your skin, hydrating it with all the nutrients it needs to allow it to look as best it can possibly be. Don’t use a men’s hair conditioner every day, at first only use it one to three times, or after every time you wash your hair. If you’re hair is thinning and damaged from years of mistreatment, use conditioner on it every single day, even if you haven’t used shampoo that day.


Maintaining a healthy scalp is one of the pillars of a great hair care routine. To put it in a digestible way, a healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair. Your scalp is responsible for the hair follicles, which makes it the garden from which your hair grows. Keeping your scalp and follicles as healthy as possible ensures that your crop of hair continues to grow strong.

Follow these steps for a healthy scalp:

Use the Right Tools
Never brush your wet hair. This may be when it’s the easiest to style but it is also when the hair is most vulnerable to breaking. If necessary, use a wide-toothed comb and gently work out any tangles. If you can, also avoid blow dryers or irons which can dry too quickly and damage the hair.

Cool Off
We know that sometimes a steaming hot shower is exactly what the body ordered, but doing so causes havoc for your hair and scalp. Very hot water strips too much of the essential oil from the hair and scalp, leading to unnecessary dryness and itchiness.

If you can, try out a scalp massage. This will help promote blood flow to the scalp and relaxes the scalp muscles. Scalp massages also promotes hair growth. If that wasn’t enough, we can assure you that scalp massages are worth every penny.


Josh Meyer is the co-founder of Brickell Men’s Products, high performing natural skincare and grooming products for men. They use powerful, natural & organic ingredients to help men from all around the world look better, everyday.