5 Ways To Be A Gentleman

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Men are always told that they can’t be as stylish as women. As fashionable or as classy as women. They are told they’re not “supposed” to do things a certain way, to be more manly, to act more macho. Here’s the thing; there are plenty of ways that men can be gentlemanly while still embracing their sensitive side, and you can, too. We are very comfortable – as a society – that men are something to be changed. Blame it on the rise against the patriarchy, if you like, but if you still enjoy men being gentlemanly and you want to join in, you’re going to ooze class in seconds.


When men are leading with class and style, other men love to follow suit. Let’s take a look at the way men could be more stylish in future:


Know Their Parts

Well, we’re not talking boy parts! Men and machines, right? Tinkering with a car or a motorcycle at some point in life is like a rite of passage for a gentleman. Knowing how to fix his own vehicle with the help of companies like SoloMotoParts is essential. He can then demonstrate his knowledge to future generations and pass down the ability to tinker!

Kind To Others

It’s stylish and chic when a man is polite. Manners maketh man, and as simple as it is, people will judge you if you are the type of man who leaves them out. Little acts of kindness go a  long way, so being kind is going to benefit you in the long run. The acts that no one will see or know about do matter, so think about how your actions are impacting others – even when they don’t know it.

He Respects Himself

We always talk to men about respecting women, and so they should. However, self-respect is so much more important. A man needs to be self-assured to remain confident, and with self-esteem, he can hold onto that with ease. Employ self-care and make sure that you’re talking to yourself about how you behave and act. It matters.

He Respects Others

Second to himself, a man must respect others if he wants to be seen as a classy gentleman. Hold the doors open even when you aren’t thanked. It says more about your manners than the person who didn’t thank you! Be gracious and understanding and never jump to the wrong conclusions about strangers. You’ll be happier for it!

Have A Hobby

Whether it’s in the tinkering of cars as we mentioned earlier, or you like to turn the ball on the field, you need a hobby. A classy gentleman knows how to spend his time in a productive and structured way. Don’t be left behind when you can be ahead of the curve.


A gentleman is stylish, chic and respectful. He is grounded, compassionate and firm in his goals. Be the gentleman you dreamed you could be, and the world will pay you back dividends for it.