Whenever there is a change in season, many people seek a new style. Perhaps it’s the change in climate that causes this or perhaps it’s the thrill of always chasing the latest trend. Whatever your reason happens to be for desiring a new look, here are my top tips on how to pull off a seamless style change.


Tip #1: Do your research

There is a wealth of resources available, both on and offline, that provide the fashion conscious with style ideas and inspiration. So if you are bored of your current wardrobe but not sure where to go next, perusing these websites, blogs and magazines are a good place to start. The city streets are also an excellent source of style inspiration. Look at people, posters and shop windows for ideas.




Tip #2: Slowly does it

 Changing your style drastically overnight is not the best way to do it. It will cost you a lot of money all at once, and there is a risk that you won’t even like the new style once you are in it. Take things slowly. Experiment with a few different styles before committing to one. Try on clothes in stores or borrow things from your friends. Once you’ve found a style you wish to take further, start incorporating it into your existing wardrobe. For example, a new pair of glasses, a bag or a scarf are good, small items to start with.


Tip #3: Try enhancing your existing style

 If you are tired of your current style, an entirely new look is not always necessary or practical. Think about ways that you can take your taste in fashion to the next level. For example, a new hairstyle, a change of facial hair or a few additional items for your wardrobe may be all that is required to achieve that fresh spin you are looking for.


Dan Rookwood


Tip #4: Nothing is permanent

 When changing your style, there are moments when you will need to throw caution to the wind. But if you bear in mind that anything new you try can be fixed, then you won’t curb your creativity. I have a friend who took a quick disliking to a new tattoo. With a reputable Tattoo Removal service, it was gone in no time. Although these sorts of decisions should be taken carefully, try not to let the “what ifs” rule.


Tip #5: Be individual


Avoid completely replicating a style you are taken with. This can end up looking stiff and a bit false. Instead, choose a trend and adapt it to suit your personality and individual style. For example, you may want to smarten your style up with a few sharp suits. To avoid blending into the crowd customise your suit. Add a unique waistcoat, a colorful scarf or pair of funky glasses.





Tip #6: Be comfortable

Don’t just wear a style because it is hot right now. If you feel comfortable and chic in everything you wear, you will look it too.

It’s over to you gents. Be creative and have fun with your style!