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A.Sauvage is a fashion house that I have been following quite closely ever since of the launch of his first collection ‘This Is Not a Suit’ as worn by Justin O’Shea below for his tumblr blog and taken by A.Sauvage himself.

A.Sauvage Justin Oshea

His clothes are the epitome of what I would wear and where I wish my style to be.  Not only do I love the Ghanaian inspiration and design but the fact that each piece has quite a unique and classy look about it as well as telling it’s own story.

This new collection draws its inspiration from the works of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and explores his concepts of captains and natives.  Each piece takes it’s inspiration form Basquiat’s own ‘Heroic Figures’ – Athletes, Prophets, Warriors, Musicians, Kings as well as Basquiat and his personal demons.  From casual tailoring pieces that feature panels, raglan sleeves and complex internal detail to evening wear which has been slightly overthrown, replacing traditional fastening with hook-and-eye closures and removing of external pockets.

This is a collection which is definitely drawn by Sauvage’s Ghanaian background, Looking at the pieces makes me recall pictures of my father and his brothers and their style in their heyday and how groomed and well dressed they were.  Check out this collection and more on the official website – www.asauvage.com

What do you think of this collection?