With the current pandemic situation, many of us are spending longer hours working from home and therefore spending more time in front of your screens.

There has never been the perfect desktop lamp until the BenQ screenbar. It is the perfect space saver, removing the need for a lamp. The USB power is pretty clever, too, as you won’t have to sacrifice a wall outlet and the lamp powers up when the machine powers up. I powered mine with my iPad which worked extremely well and in fact increased my productivity.

Increase your work productivity with intelligent and suitable lighting.

The ScreenBar consists of an array of LEDs in an 18-inch wide aluminum tube that’s about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The tube clips into a counter-weight mount, which then sits atop your monitor. The entire tube rotates a few degrees and you can also shift the angle by moving the mount on the monitor t either light up your workspace/desk or the monitor.

The light features four touch controls on top: a power button, an auto-brightness feature, brightness controls, and color temperature controls. Brightness varies between a decently bright max output of 320 lumens and a low that works well at night. The color temperature can be varied between a very “cold,” or blue, 6500K and a fairly warm 2700K.

The ScreenBar does this by running very warm-tinted LEDs mounted next to standard LEDs. When set to its warmest 2700K, the bluer LEDs are pretty much switched off, so you also get less light on the the warmest setting. That’s probably okay though because most will use the warm setting for later in the day. Settings between the warm and cold mix the two LEDs for the temperature you want.

I prefer to use the auto brightness feature which detects the surrounding brightness and and automatically illuminates to 500 lux and also has no reflection nor does it shine on the screen – minimising eye strain and maximising the quality of your working environment.

I simply cannot fault the screen bar. It’s £99 price tag may seem steep for a bunch of LED’s but totally worth it I you are someone who spends long hour behind your screen.