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Personal Styling - For Him

There is no question that one of the hardest tasks to successfully fulfill in life is buying a gift for someone else. The only thing that could possibly make this task harder is if you are trying to buy a gift for a man. While some men may be low maintenance, this overall façade is generally a very deceiving one, as many girlfriends, sisters, and mothers can attest.

There are plenty of luxury gifts out there that make great gifts for guys, but at a point, buying wallets, watches, and whiskey can become a bit repetitive. Luckily, I’ve found an alternative. The best gift one can give is a personal shopper. Personal shoppers provide numerous styling services that alleviate the stress and pressure of not only the gift-giver, but also, the gift-receiver. Nowadays, there is such high pressure to not only look great, but also feel great, so why not have a qualified specialist help you out? We seem to have professionals for everything else these days: professional dog walkers, hair colorists, shavers, need I say more? It only makes sense to have one whose expertise is to make you look good.

Professional shoppers generally consist of experienced editorial stylists with impressive design backgrounds, guaranteeing you the utmost in vogue, stylish, and unique wardrobe pieces and looks. Not to mention, shopping will no longer be deemed a chore but a unique and effortless gift. Yet they do much more than just buy gifts for your family and friends when you are too busy or simply don’t have the stamina to endure the shops. They will also sort your wardrobe – especially great in kick starting your spring-cleaning. If you can’t seem to rid your closet of those 80s styles on your own, consider this type of wardrobe detox as a juice-cleanse, one where you still get to eat the carbs. Whether you want to be in attendance or not, you can rely on your personal stylist to restore and revamp your closet to your liking.


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One of the best parts about this gift is that it is non-committal. Each personal shopper comes with a consultation. This will help them to get to know who you are, what your days entail, and what you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking to get back to the basics with plain classic tees, or you have a special occasion where you need to look exceptionally dapper, a personal shopper is the gift that keeps on giving.

Quintessentially Gifts personal shopping service offers you all the resources you need to find the perfect gift for him, no matter what the occasion is.