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Shopping for suits can be quite an expensive and arduous task which usually results in a suit that does not fit well.  For a suit to truly be slick and fit well, it has to be made to measure – a luxury not many can afford.

These days, there are many online retailers who provide affordable custom made suits.  OWNONLY is one of such retailers who offer this service.  With three easy steps, you can have a customised made to measure suit.


The first step is measuring yourself using their easy to follow video guide.  Once you have your measurement saved, you then proceed to choosing the style and material of the suit you want.  Everything is customisable from the style and colour of the lining, type of pocket, the kind of button through to stitching details.

The service is very easy to use and delivery is prompt.  All you have to do is to follow the guide to measure yourself and the team at Own Only will check your measurements before making your suit.  This ensures there no or minimal mistakes made when processing the order.

My suit arrived within three weeks of submitting the online order and for a service with no human interaction I was pretty pleased with my suit.  It was a perfect fit and required no alterations.  The suit was well packaged in a box within a suit bag with a lint brush a tape measure and some material swatches.




With prices starting from £200 including delivery, I would say Own Only is quite a bargain for anyone looking for an affordable yet custom tailored suit.







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