Dressing Your White Shirt Up Or Down

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Shirts are one of the most common item of clothing in an adult male’s wardrobe. In fact, whether you work in an office with a strict dress code or in a casual environment, it’s fair to say that you probably prefer a shirt over a t-shirt, especially if you are in a client-facing position. Shirts are so common that they often risk becoming a little dull. In reality, if you own a handful of shirts – preferably plain as patterned shirts tend to rapidly fall out of fashion and nobody would want to be compared to James May for their style (!) – you have one of the most versatile fashion item you can imagine. You can easily dress your white shirt up or down, so that it remains suitable in both formal and casual situations. Here are a few tips to get you going.



Add a touch of luxury

For a formal situation, such as a wedding or a business cocktail for instance, you can always rely on a plain white number with a black, charcoal grey or navy suit. You can bring a subtle shine to your outfit with a pair of handmade silver cufflinks – make sure they are polished so they can catch the light. You can also bring a little colour to your outfit with an elegant silk tie in parma purple, pastel green or even powder pink, as these are the trend colours for the season. If you’re feeling particularly confident, you can replace the tie by a real bow tie – you’ll find plenty of helpful tutorials to guide you through the steps. You should avoid maroon and burgundy bow ties, though, as these tend to be associated with Matt Smith’s Doctor.


Add a hint of vintage

For a romantic dinner or a semi-casual night out, you can choose to bring a little playfulness to your style with a pair of vintage braces, for instance. If you’re not keen on wearing braces, why not try a quality tweed waistcoat that will give you a certain dandy allure? Ultimately, you don’t need to add a tie to complete the look. The waistcoat, combined with brogue shoes, can be enough to revive the glorious 1940s wherever you go! If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can add a hat for a night out, such as a beret. Avoid the fedora look which will break the vintage fun.


Combine it with the iconic workwear fabric

Last, but not least, for casual everyday wear, you can combine your white shirt with a pair of jeans. Wearing denim has become a staple in modern workplaces, and it’s only fair as jeans used to be the traditional worker’s outfit. The cycle of workwear is completed! The choices of colours and cuts are varied, but as a rule of the thumb, you should stick to dark colours and straight or slight bootcut styles in the office. Skinny cuts are not always suitable for workplaces, and they can create a rather unflattering silhouette, whether you’ve got extremely slim or muscular legs.


From a wedding ceremony to your every uniform at work, you can take your white shirt anymore as long as you know how to accessorise it.