Edifier TWS330NB – True wireless Earbuds with anc

Edifier TWS330NB – True wireless Earbuds with anc

Edifier never seem to disappoint and have done it once again with the TWS 330NB earbuds with active noice cancellation at a cost of £50.

These earbuds are packed with all the features you would expect with a more expensive pair. They feature great sound quality for the money, decent active noise canceling with a transparency mode and solid voice calling with the AI call noise cancelling which accurately picks up sound waves using AI and with the help of an adaptive algorithm, the voice of the caller is separated from other voices in real-time, making it easier and clear to be heard.

Overall, they have a simple design inspired by the AirPods Pro, they are light and either made of black or white glossy plastic with a logo Edifier printed on the back of the charging case.

The 20 hour battery life with the barging case is also very welcomed alongside the IP54 rating, which means they’re splash- and dust-proof. There is also a Type-C charging port which supports quick charging with a 10 minute charge providing 60 minutes of listening.

Edifier TWS 330NB is compatible with both android and iOS and the Bluetooth 5.0 technology is stable and powerful allowing you to go up to 10 meters without your device even through walls. I managed to do 8 meters with multiple walls and still managed to maintain the same call quality.

They can also be used via the app which is available for iOS and android. It allows you to all the features such as the sound modes, ANC modes, EQ, tap sensitivity and the functions of the tap on each earbud.

Overall they are generally great headphones especially when you consider the price.