If you love fashion and photography, you’ve probably thought about combining your two passions. You might even just be a fashion nerd, and you want to explore your interest further by coming at it from a different angle. If you want to get started in fashion photography, either as a hobby or a profession, there’s very little standing in your way. First you need to get hold of a decent camera, and then you can begin your journey to getting your work noticed. To start getting into fashion photography, follow these steps to learn more about it and show everyone what you’re capable of.



Learn to Use Your Camera

The first essential thing to do is learn to use your camera correctly. If you haven’t ever had any lessons, it’s important that you know how to get the full potential from your camera. Taking some lessons will help you learn about the different techniques you can use, composition and a number of other essential photography skills. You don’t have to attend a course in person because there are plenty of online photography courses that you can use to teach yourself at home. Some other things you should do include reading your camera’s manual and learning from other photographers. You can also try to get some experience with different kinds of lighting, both in studios and outdoors.


Practice, Practice, Practice

When you have taken some photography lessons, you need to get out there and practice. You should take every opportunity to try out your new skills. It’s important to experiment with taking photos, developing them, and editing digital images too. The more you practice, the more experience you will get and the more confident you will feel. You will start to develop your own style and realize what you can do.


Scott Schuman


Research the Industry

Whether you want to be a professional photographer or you just want to snap photos as a hobby, no one will take you seriously if you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s especially important to know the industry if you do want to turn fashion photography into a career. There are lots of ways you can learn more about, from reading books and magazines to subscribing to blogs and email newsletters.


Network and Collaborate

Just like any other industry, who you know is just as important as what you know. Networking with other photographers will help you gain experience and opportunities to show your work. But you should also be working with other people too, including designers and brands. Independent artists could be especially keen to work with you, so you can help them promote their pieces.


Start a Blog or Online Portfolio

You need somewhere to show off your work, and the best place to do that today is online. A physical portfolio is also a good idea if you want to show your work professionally. But a blog or online portfolio is an excellent way to reach an audience of professionals and fans.


You can have lots of fun showing off your work and improving your skills. You might soon get some professional jobs to add to your experience.