If you’re interested in style, finding your own look is one of the most challenging things you can do. Here are some tips on how to do it…


Get Inventive With Where You Shop




First of all, it’s time to get creative with where you shop. You don’t have to spend a fortune in Urban Outfitters to look good – although admittedly it might occasionally be tempting to spend way too much on that one hoodie that you’ve been looking at for months. Instead, pick up different items from different places to fit together a look that’s unique and all you. Even grocery stores often sell clothes that can look good. The trick is to look at the models in the shop and imagine different combinations of the clothing on it – even though you might not think a shirt paired with khakis looks good, that same shirt might look incredible with your favourite jacket and jeans. Look in thrift stores for pre-loved items and a few bargains as well.


Focus On The Fit Of The Clothes




More than anything else, you need to focus on how well your clothes fit you. Even if skinny jeans are in, if they don’t suit you then they’ll turn you into a fashion disaster. In the summer, you can wear shorts, so long as they aren’t baggy jorts that will turn you into more of a wannabe beach bum than someone who actually cares about the way you look. It all depends on the way that they’re cut – if your shorts are crisp and they fit you well, then nothing else will be a problem. Likewise, a lot of men are wearing shirts that are a size too big – go for the size below and marvel at how much more stylish you look. (Unless the buttons strain when you sit down, in which case abort mission immediately.)


Use Accessories




Accessories are the best way to immediately elevate anything that you’re wearing – why do you think women love shoes and bags so much? A great leather satchel will always look better than a shiny briefcase, and a hint of brightly coloured sock will make you look instantly more interesting if you have to wear a suit to work. If you’re still wearing the same old fashioned watch your grandma got you for your fifteenth birthday, check out new models like Carl F. Bucherer watches for a design that’s going to make you look great. Finally, focus on your shoes: low top sneakers or leather sandals are great for any casual summer occasions, and ankle boots or dress shoes with a slightly pointed toe will always look better than rounded toes.


Make Sure You Feel Comfortable




Finally, it’s impossible to look good in what you’re wearing unless you feel comfortable and the whole look is relatively effortless. Try not to overthink what you’re wearing – instead, assemble a closet full of clothes that you feel good in so you can throw on any pair of jeans, any shirt, and any shoes in order to look great in the mornings. Feeling like you look good is half the battle.