I’ve posted some gift buying guides on here before, but this one is a little different. I’m sure a lot of you will have a friend or two that’s chosen to join the army, air force, or marines. It’s tough when your friends go away for long periods and are in a high risk job. So, when their birthday comes around, you want to get them a super cool gift.


Struggling for ideas as to what to get your army buddy for their birthday? Well, I’ve come to your rescue and provided four brilliant gift ideas:



The first gift on this list is great for your mates still overseas and on duty. However, you can still get it for one’s that have returned home. Getting your military pal an iPad is a brilliant gift for many reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t appreciate an iPad? Secondly, if they’re away, they won’t have access to much technology. An iPad will make their life so much more bearable. Finally, it provides them with a way to chat with family via Facetime. The new iPad mini 4 is perfect because it’s not too big and not too small.

Framed Photo

This next gift is one that plucks at the old heartstrings a little bit. We all like to have a laugh and a joke with our mates whenever we see them. But, sometimes it pays to be a little sensitive. Give your army buddy a gift from the heart and get them a framed photo. However, this isn’t just any framed photo; it’s a photo of them. When they signed up for the army, they went through rigorous training and teaching for months. At the end of it all, they graduated and made it into the forces properly. You should frame their military graduation photo and give to them as a gift. You captured a big moment in their life; they’ll appreciate it.



Anyone that’s followed men’s fashion trends will tell you that hats & caps are very popular. You see loads of guys wearing baseball caps that are stylish and cool. Seeing as your military mates will have their heads shaved, I figure a nice hat is a perfect gift. You can get them a snapback, baseball cap, or beanie hat for the cold months. Pick from any number of styles, there are even some cool marine hats that look very stylish. I’m not going to tell you what hat/cap will suit your friend best; you know them better than me!

A Supply Drop

Instead of getting them one or two gifts, why not send them a supply drop. Of course, this gift is only suitable for your buddies that are still on duty. You can fill a box full of so many treats and things they’ll find useful. Pack it full of food and snacks, toiletries, etc. Some things that will be essential to them while they’re off serving in the military. The best part is, they’ll find the gift extremely useful. Who’d have thought that some shower gel and sweets would make such an ideal gift for someone?