When you’ve been with someone for a while, and things are great between you, it’s easy to think of spending the rest of your lives together. True love is something that you want to shout about and celebrate with family and friends. But there is also that pressure on you to get the proposal just right. You love your partner, and you want the moment to be memorable and perfect. And you want to hear a ‘yes’!


Romance is pretty important when it comes to proposing. The two of you may already have discussed your thoughts about marriage together. A proposal doesn’t have to be a surprise. But if it is, it will take some careful planning and organization. You might want to do it privately. Maybe a candlelit dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant is the ideal setting? Or perhaps you want to do it in front of all your friends and family?


Once you’ve decided where and when, you need to fill in the details. It is traditional to present a diamond ring when you propose. Lots of men have a tough time finding a ring that is beautiful enough to give to the love of their lives. Man-made diamonds give you an element of control. Best of all, they are environmentally friendly. No dangerous mining is required to create these stunning gemstones that are every bit as beautiful. You can choose special colors and pick the clarity as you would in any jewelry store.




The ring size can be difficult to gauge. If you want it to be a surprise, you could ‘borrow’ a ring she wears on the same finger to find out the correct size. Of course, all rings can be adjusted to fit perfectly. What is most important is that you find that perfect moment to present it.


Presenting the ring and proposing is commonly done on one knee. While you may have a whole speech planned, you only need four words. ‘Will you marry me’ is the question you need to get to while you are on one knee. For extra romance, you may include a few words detailing how amazing your partner makes you feel. You might talk about envisioning your lives together forever.


The wedding could still be a long way off, but try not to use up all those romantic words on the proposal. You still have wedding vows to write! If you’ve used a special occasion to propose at, try to weave that into your proposal wording. It might be your partner’s birthday or even Valentine’s Day. There is probably a reason now is the right time for you to commit to this relationship for life. That’s the thing to really concentrate on.


Proposals can be pretty nerve-wracking. But you both love each other dearly. Even if it doesn’t go quite to plan, the answer is likely to be a resounding ‘Yes.’ You’ll probably only get to do this once, and your partner may only receive this one proposal in life. Make it a good one!