I know what it’s like to try and get yourself noticed online. Believe it or not Boy From Dagbon, didn’t become a success overnight. It took some time to get people interested in my writing and understand what I was about. You probably know how much I love photography and it took even longer for them to recognise that. You may have encountered the same issues when trying to get your work noticed, particularly online. So, here are my tips on how to make sure you are noticed and taken seriously.


Show Your Work


If you are a photographer, I recommend that you start a blog or a Tumblr to show off your work. Setting up a blog is easy and you can do using any one of the many blog builders. You’ll find the pieces fall into place quickly and soon you will have your own website. As far as content goes you need to make it interesting. You should spend most of your writing showing off your photography. But, now and then post something different. Think about what you spend your time on the internet looking at. Most people are just passing the time scrolling through funny things. So, you might want to add some funny pictures on your blog. This will give it some character and make it more interesting to view. It’s important that your blog has character because there are hundreds of others out there just like it.


Introduce Yourself


If you want to be noticed online, you do have to socialise. You need to use your social media profiles effectively. Let people know who you are and what you’re about. You should realise by now that almost every celebrity uses Twitter. With the exception of Joss Whedon, of course. The reason for this is that they know they need to, to keep interest in them alive. If you want people to engage with your work and your art you need to show the person behind it. Don’t be afraid to make yourself stand out. Once your work starts to get shared on social profiles, the search ranking of your blog will increase. You will quickly get more traffic and soon you will be a noticed photographer.


But it doesn’t happen overnight, as I already said. You need to work at it and continuously update your profiles. By keeping your feeds fresh, you will keep your followers interested.


Finding Work


If you’re trying to make a living from your passion, you might find a blog isn’t enough. Even some successful blogs don’t make that much money. You may want to look for work elsewhere. You should look at other blogs and see if they are looking for photographers. Blog owners are often looking for ways to get unique work onto their site. You can offer them this chance and they will pay you for your art. As well as this, you should put yourself out there on Linkedin. That way people will be able to hire you. Remember, you should include a link to your blog so that they can view your work.


I wish you the best of luck using this advice to get your own photography and passion seen.