How to Pick the Perfect Derby Hat for Men

We all know that the Kentucky Derby is the most-awaited horse race of the year. And if you’re planning to be part of the event, then you better get your stylish hat ready. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing which hat you should wear for the Kentucky Derby, don’t worry. We’ve prepared some tips on how to pick the perfect Derby hat for you. Read on.

1. Plan it Out

To determine which derby hat would best fit you, you should remember to plan early. Consider the theme and pick the right clothes and shoes for your outfit. Months before the event, it’s best to have a game plan ready to avoid any problems.

2. Your Outfit Must Match With The Hat of Your Choice

Since a hat is an accessory, your outfit plays a big role in the wow factor you’ll exude. Once you choose among an array of derby hats, pick the one that complements your outfit. 

3. Consider Your Height Too

Your height is affected by the hats you wear. So, when picking a derby hat, check which type of hat suits you. If you’re tall, opt for a wider brim. Don’t pick a hat that makes you look shorter or those that have droopy brims. 

4. Know Where the Event is Going to be Held

Unlike any other accessory, you cannot just wear whatever hat you want without considering the venue. Hence, it’s essential to know where you’re going first. Is it going to be held in an indoor or outdoor location? Is it on a stable? Or perhaps a paddock area? Once you know the location, it’ll be easier for you to decide which hat you should wear.

5. Wear Something You Like and Have Fun

At the end of the day, if you decide to break all the rules, it’s still going to be fun. So if you choose to go crazy, don’t worry. There are always going to be weirder hats. Don’t people love doing that, especially for the ‘Gram? 

Strut with the Right Derby Hat

Don’t be afraid to express yourself by accentuating your crowning glory. Go for the hat style that suits your outfit and your taste! The Kentucky Derby is surely going to be more memorable if you look your best and feel your best.