How to reshape a felt hat

How to reshape a felt hat

How to Reshape A Felt Hat

No matter what fashion trend we’re in right now, felt hats are a staple. They are stylish, elegant, and, most of all, durable. However, stuff sometimes happens, and your beloved hats may get misshapen.

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s through constant wear or an accident, what do you do if you have a crushed felt hat? First of all, don’t buy a new one just yet. While your hats may not be in top shape anymore, there are ways that you can bring them back to their former glory. Want to know more about how you can reshape a cowboy hat and fedora? Read on and find out!

Reshaping With a Steamer

Do you have a steamer around the house? If yes, then this method is suitable for you. Felt halts are relatively easy to reshape, but you need a heat source to make the material malleable. A guide might also be a helpful reference when you want to reshape your felt hat into what it was before.

  1. Start with steaming the area of the hat that you want to reshape. For more efficiency, you can direct the steam to the specific site you want to reshape. Don’t forget to wear gloves! It might get hot.

Tip: Don’t steam the underside of the hat. Make sure the inside of the hat is facing you when you are steaming. Doing this protects the sweatband.

  1. Once you feel the material soften, use your hands to massage the hat gently. Afterward, try to shape the hat into how you want it to look. You may pull, bend, stretch, and pinch to achieve your desired shape. Be mindful of how long you take in this process. When the felt hat cools down, you won’t be able to reshape it.
  1. When you are done reshaping a specific portion, wait for the felt hat to cool down. If you move on to other sections immediately, you might lose the shape you did earlier. Make sure that the reshaped portion cools off first to keep the form.
  1. If you want to reshape the crown of your hat, you can concentrate the steam directly on the outer side. Mold the crown with your fingers using the inside and outside of the hat according to your desired form. 
  1. Do you want to reshape the brim? Massage it gently in the direction you want. Curl it up for an upward curve, or pull it down for a downward angle.
  1. Set down your felt hat and let it cool, but not completely. While it’s still warm and moist, wear it on top of your head. This way, the hat will also conform to your head shape as it dries. It will be more comfortable to wear!

Have No Steamer?

Want to know a secret? You can still reshape your felt hat without a steamer! The critical part is the steam, not necessarily the device. You can use a kettle and boil water, or you can use a hot shower. Just make sure that there is a steam source that you can easily use to reshape your hat!

The form of a cowboy hat and fedora is a characteristic that defines this accessory. Whatever the reason for your misshapen felt hat, you can still reshape it quickly at home.