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You might find it odd to learn that fashion and what is fashionable isn’t just about the clothes you wear. As a photographer, I’ve seen a lot of people make this mistake. They buy the best clothes, but they forget about all the other little things that make them seem more or less fashionable. It’s amazing to think what is now accepted as stylish and what isn’t. Of course, some things have always been part of fashion and people just haven’t noticed. So, if you want to be in fashion here are some of the other things you should be thinking about, as well as the clothes you wear.


Your Hairstyle


Hairstyle has always been linked with fashion. In the 70’s the bob was a popular choice and recently it’s become fashionable for women to have a fringe again. Many men do not realize that their hairstyle is also a part of their fashion sense. If you get a cheap cut, you’re not going to look your best. Instead, you should be heading to a professional stylist and choosing one of the styles recommended by them. You may also want to take inspiration from the celebrities. If you ever wondered why celeb changes their hairstyle so often, it’s because they are trying to stay in fashion.


You also need to think about your facial hair.  Ungroomed facial hair isn’t stylish.  If you want to grow a beard you need to maintain it properly and get it trimmed regularly.


Your Smokes


Smoking and cigarettes have always been a part of fashion. If you look at Hollywood, you will see this. It’s difficult to find a major Hollywood movie from the 90’s without one or two of the main stars smoking. Earlier than that it was, even more, common. Has smoking gone out of fashion? Not at all but it does depend on what you’re puffing on. Something that will always be fashionable is a cigar. Cigars are relentlessly bound to a sense of class and style. If you see a man with a box of cigars it suggests wealth and power.  It’s quite a powerful symbol, and you can purchase the best cigars from Tobacco General. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are quite common and fading out of fashion. Vaping is becoming the new socially acceptable form of modern-day smoking.


Your Tech


When did tech start becoming a part of fashion? Is it a part of fashion? I would argue that it is, and if you want to be seen to be in style, you need to start carrying the latest computer tech. I suggest you focus mainly on the brands that are always in the public limelight like Apple. Apple has been fashionable for a while, and that doesn’t look to change. If you want to be in fashion, you really do need to be carrying around the latest iPhone or a similar brand.


Your Watch


edit suits


Lastly, a watch will complete a suit. It’s an accessory that must be worn to be stylish. Of course, if you want the best most fashionable brand you’re going to have to shell out some cash. But it would be worth it to show that you could afford a Rolex.