Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Woven Labels for Your Brand

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Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Woven Labels for Your Brand

Labels have long been a big part of the fashion industry. Some of the labels you see in fashion items and clothes are there because they are mandatory. Others are added for branding purposes and other reasons. Regardless of the purpose of the labels, you will most likely see woven labels when observing clothing items.

Fabric woven labels are the best pick for clothes for obvious reasons; they are flexible and can be added without ruining the overall design and comfort of the item. Woven labels are actually very interesting to follow, which is why we are going to review some interesting facts about them in this article.

What Are Woven Labels Used for?

There are basically three main uses for woven labels. The first one is branding. You see a big logo of the fashion brand followed by information about where the product is made on the label. Other details may be added to the label too.

The second use of woven labels is for wash care instructions. As the name suggests, this label includes information on how the fashion item must be handled. It includes information on whether the item can be machine washed, the heat setting for washing and ironing the clothing item, and other details.

In some cases, particularly when you are buying vintage clothing items, you will see a union label. This is an additional label added by the workers’ union involved in the production of the item. They don’t come up often, but they are now used as a way for retro fashion lovers to identify genuine articles when hunting for vintage items.

The Label Folds

One of the best things about woven labels is their flexibility. As a brand or a fashion designer, you can choose to place the label anywhere and attach the label to the item accordingly. In fact, these woven clothing labels folds are becoming an industry standard.

The end fold is perhaps the most common one. If you see the label just under the neckline of a T-shirt or a shirt with both ends folded backwards, you are seeing the end fold. The end fold is used to avoid the edges of the label touching the skin and causing an itch.

Other woven clothing label folds are no less interesting. The leaflet fold is particularly sophisticated. The Manhattan open fold is another unique design usually reserved for high-end items and fashion brands who really think about the details of their products.

Woven Labels as an Art

Woven labels actually have a big following; there are those who follow the history and stories surrounding the use of woven labels since they were first used many years ago. The unique folds, the way brands utilise woven labels to bring out the characteristics of their brands, and other aspects of the label itself are interesting to follow.

The union label (and how it is now used to identify retro clothing items) is a good example. The next time you pick up a new shirt or a fashion piece, take a look at the woven label and take the time to admire it a little.