Keeping Your Car In Mint Condition- Maintenance Musts For Every Driver’

Whether you drive a brand new car, or you’re travelling from A to B in a used vehicle, paying attention to everyday maintenance and taking good care of the car will save you time, money and stress. In this guide, we’ll discuss some maintenance musts to keep your vehicle in mint condition. 

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Regular services are designed to keep cars in good working order, enhance safety and identify any early warning signs of problems that need addressing or rectifying. If you keep up to date with services, the chances of encountering issues and needing repairs will fall and you’ll also protect the value of your vehicle. If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while, call and schedule an appointment. 

Bumps and scrapes

Most drivers will have a run-in with another vehicle, a curb or a tree or lamp post at some point in their lives. It’s very rare to spend years on the road without sustaining a few bumps and scrapes. If you have hit a bollard, or you’ve collided with another car, make sure you seek advice to repair damage and reduce the risk of the situation getting worse. If the paint on your Corsa or Astra is scratched, for example, and you’re looking for a Vauxhall approved bodyshop near you, use the Internet and try to avoid delaying repairs. Tending to scrapes and dents will improve the look of the car, but it will also preserve the value of the vehicle and make it more attractive to sellers or dealers when you come to replace it. 

Abnormal sounds and smells

If you encounter any abnormal smells or sounds while you’re out and about on the roads, it’s always beneficial to seek expert advice. In many cases, the odour or screeching noise won’t be anything too sinister, but there is a risk of doing further damage if you choose to carry on driving. Addressing problems early will often save you money on repairs. 

Basic checks

Every driver should be aware of basic checks to carry out on a regular basis to keep the engine ticking over, reduce the risk of accidents and enhance performance. Check the tyres frequently, monitor water and oil levels, clear the windscreen and windows if it’s icy, foggy or snowy and make sure all your lights work. If there are warning lights on the dashboard, take action immediately. Keeping an eye on general maintenance will lower the risk of mechanical issues, lower running costs in the long-term and ensure your car looks the business for as long as possible. 

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We all want our cars to last for years and to look smart. If you’re on a mission to keep your car in mint condition, it’s advisable to devote time to general maintenance and to ensure any problems are checked over and addressed swiftly. Keep up to date with servicing, get any bumps and scrapes looked at, seek expert advice if you have concerns about unusual odours or noises and carry out regular maintenance checks.