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During the course of London Collections: Men, I partnered with StylePilot as their street style ambassador capturing some of the most stylish gents during the shows.

StylePilot is a personal style engine that allows men to identify which styles alongside accessories that are fitting for them.   The recommendation is done using their style DNA tool, which analyses you body type, height, dimensions, hair, skin and eye colour to provide you with the perfect outfit for any occasion without you having to struggle to figure out how to dress or piece your clothing.

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Style should enrich your life, not be your reason for living. Clothes are dope, and putting them together well does require a certain skill set.



Below is one of the pictures I took as part of my collaboration with StylePilot. I chose this subject and his style because, not only does he look smart, but he also looks very stylish.  It is a combination of choosing the right accessories and the right colours and putting them together is what has enabled the subject to look trendy without ‘trying too hard’.



Style Pilot Street style



You can see more of the collaboration on StylePilot.  Do take a look, be inspired and try out the DNA tool.