Men’s Hair Trends Summer 2018

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With every season that comes and goes, there are new trends that come into fashion. If you want to look sharp this summer, a new haircut is always a good way to go about it. But you will want to make sure that you choose something fresh! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best summer 2018 haircut trends.

The soft undercut – The soft undercut has come back! This haircut was all of the range in 2016, with Brad Pitt bringing it to the forefront of fashion. However, when high and tight fades came back in, they faded into the distance. They are now back, but this time they have more of a natural finish on top and they are softer with less harsh shapes. Don’t go as harsh as a Peaky Blinders style, and keep it clean on the sides and the back.

The mod haircut – This haircut certainly isn’t for everyone. However, if you really want to switch up your look and go for something completely different, the mod haircut is definitely one to consider. Of course, when it comes to this style, we all think about Liam Gallagher. What better summer festival look? You are probably going to need a mens hair straightener and some good hair products if you are going to do this style justice though.

Long and wavy hair – Throughout the winter months, the fades of early 2017 started to turn into longer locks. Now that the hot weather has come, men have been looking for ways to make their long hair more summery and suitable for the warmer weather. So, how can you achieve this without losing any length? The tousled, wavy look! It is a good idea to use a sea salt spray before styling, and if needed you can always hold your waves in place with a small amount of hairspray to finish.

Natural side parting – The classic side parting has been ever so slightly redefined for summer 2018. The natural side parting involves the classic slicked parting, yet it brings it more in line with the more matte and natural textured looks that we are seeing today. After all, the last thing you want during the warmer months is a heavy and slicked haircut that is covered in oil.

Long textured quiff haircut – You are probably not surprised to see this summer haircut on the list. The textured quiff has been popular for quite some time now, but it seems to be getting longer and longer. This also means it is going to need to receive a bit of extra attention and TLC in the morning. You should go about it by using the same styling process as you would with a short textured quiff. However, for added hold, you are going to need some hairspray. For some real volume, blow drying is pivotal, so you will need to practice using that hair dryer!


Buzz cut – There is no denying that the surprise re-emergence for 2018 is the buzz cut. The slight difference with the buzz cut that is popular this year is that it is not like the traditional one, i.e. where the same grade is used all over. Rather, this summer cut will see men going buzzed on the top, i.e. with a grade between two and five, and then adding a skin fade or a short fade on the sides and back to add some variety to the cut. The buzz cut is ideal for anyone that wants to go a few weeks without having to stress about styling his hair. You will also see a lot of cuts that are between the crop and the buzz too, for example, crew cuts and Caesar cuts.

So there you have it: some of the best haircut trends for this summer. Hopefully, you have found one that will suit you and appeals to your taste. Not only do the haircuts mentioned above look great, but they should be nice and comfortable in this unusually hot British summer too! So, which haircut will you be choosing?