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Nokia 7.2 Review

Great performance, premium design and a solid camera for a phone with such an affordable price tag.

Nokia phones have always been renowned for their superior build quality. The Nokia 7.2 holds this extremely well. The front and back are made out of gorilla glass, whereas the frame is a “high-tech polymer that’s twice as strong as polycarbonate and half the weight of aluminum.” It’s technically plastic, but it has a sturdy feel to it that does make it feel like aluminum in the hand.

More power. Less charge.

The powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor combined with the latest Android™ 9 Pie operating system means you can go without charging for up to two days. Nokia 7.2 also features AI-assisted Adaptive Battery which prioritizes battery life to the apps you use the most.

The back glass has a matte finish, and overall, does pick up fingerprints quite easily and is soft to the touch. I recommend the cyan green over the charcoal if you buy the phone as it is a stunning and sexy colour.

The Nokia 7.2 looks a lot more expensive than it is and attracts a lot of attention in public which then turns to amazement when people realise the £249 price tag for a 48MP phone with a two day battery life, night mode features, portrait mode, wide angle and a snapdragon 660 processor for good performance.

The biometric sensor is snappy and also doubles up as a way to swipe notification for single handed use. There is also a facial recognition which is a listless slower to recognise the face but you really cant expect too much for such an affordable phone packed with many features. The OS is very smooth (Stock Android) and my personal favourite when it comes to Android devices. It comes with Android 9.

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