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I just happened to be walking down Carnaby Street armed with a Nikon J3 courtesy of Nikon instead of my usual SLR whilst scouting for style when I noticed this guys on his phone… Something seemed to draw my attention to him. I am not sure if it was his pose, bike, style or a combination of everything but I knew I had to take his picture.  I did and thought nothing of it until I got home and looked at the images I had taken.

I must admit I liked the shot mostly for the balance and richness of colour.

To think that my love and admiration of this picture was mostly due to a hybrid camera that seemed to perform as well as my SLR was truly impressive.  I have always taken pride in being a SLR user and was quite sure nothing could ever make me think different…and then came the Nikon N1 J3…Such a brilliant bit of kit!

Your can read more about it here.