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We all know men are not the best when it comes to clothes shopping.  They like to get in, get what we need and get out fast.  Because of this, men find it easier to shop online whilst doing a lot of research in the process.  Quality and style tends to be the focus but is styling ever thought about?

Would it not be great if one could simply buy the clothes and keep with the trends without having to do the hard work but still have the quality and style without lifting a finger?  Online personal stylist The Chapar provides a service that essentially takes away the burden of online shopping.

I had the pleasure of trying-out the service, which to my surprise was a very easy one.  In a few steps you can have a trunk delivered to your door with clothes that suit your style or ones you can experiment with if you want to redefine your look.

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The Process is Simple-

  • Registering with The Chapar and completing a questionnaire based on what you like to wear or would like to try-out.
  • A stylist calls you to further discuss and learn your tastes.
  • A trunk is delivered to your door with clothes you try on and keep what you like.


Within a few days of registration, I received a trunk with a selection of clothes and a note welcoming me to the service with some outfit suggestions.

The Chapar - online personal Styling


I opted for a casual weekend look for my weekend photography, consisting of a Hentsch Man Benny shirt and a pair of Dockers alpha khaki trousers.


The Chapar - online personal Styling The Chapar - online personal Styling


The service is easy, effortless and allows you to change you wardrobe with ease.

My trunk was full of items that would make a welcomed addition to my wardrobe like pieces from Hentsch Man, Ben Sherman, John Smedley, and Woolrich.

My stylist Hannah Newman was exceptional and not only produced an amazing trunk, she was very engaging and did a brilliant job at following up to ensure the clothes were adequate and to my liking.

The only problem is, they work with a handful of brands and if it is not to your liking, you might not be pleased with the selection of clothes.  I was happy with my selection because the brands were ones that I liked and would wear or would consider wearing.

To try out the service, register on their website: no membership or monthly fees, just a simple payment of £1 and you only pay for what you keep!