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A few months ago I wrote about the opening of the Shinola store at Carnaby street.  A brand that was once famous for it’s polish is now known for it’s affordable yet high quality made in Detroit watches.  In fact watches aren’t the only thing made by this brand and they should not be seen as just another good watch brand but one that produces a high calibre of hand crafted goods.



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Did you know: the runwell bike was given the name ‘Runwell’ because it was made to run well?


Visiting the store truly demonstrated the brands goal of products that are predominantly American made.  Each product in the store is made and assembled in the U.S using locally sourced leather goods and the bikes are all assembled in Detroit with both international and locally sourced components.  They even have Shinola cola!


Shinola Cola


If you haven’t already, I would recommend a visit to the store at 13 Newburgh Street, Carnaby, London.