Guy fashion isn’t the same as fashion for the girls. They aren’t bombarded every day with the sheer variety of outfits that make them feel stylish every time they step out the door. What’s more, guys tend to settle on a specific style around twenty-two years old, and this is how they dress for the rest of their lives. But, to be blunt, that’s pretty boring. While it might seem like guys only have a few options, this isn’t always the case, and there are plenty of simple style upgrades to make you stand out. 

Be Ruthless With Your Closet

You can’t enhance your style if you don’t first go to your closet and purge it of unstylish clothes. You might have your favourite t-shirts or jeans, but while they might hold fond memories of wild nights or maybe the first time you got lucky with that artsy girl at uni, they are long past their wearable date. Anything that has holes in it is too stretched out, covered in stains, or doesn’t look anything like it did when you first bought it needs to go. 

Tailor Your Clothes

Before you take them to the tip or the charity shop, though, there’s one thing to think about. Do you have any oversized clothes? If yes, these are still salvageable, and if you’ve never worn them because they’re too big or don’t seem to fit right, you can get them tailored. You’ve spent all this money on these clothes, so you may as well try to get the most out of them, and with clothes altered to suit your body shape, you’ll look a million pounds better. 

Invest In Core Pieces

Your core pieces will serve as a fantastic base item to build from. They could be a pair of dark jeans or chinos. It could be a cotton button-down shirt that works as both a smart and casual option. For most of you, there’s a chance you’ll need to wear these pieces at least once a week. It’s not enough to run to the supermarket and pick out the first pair you find, though. Considering how often you’ll wear these items, they need to be excellent quality. Fast fashion might be convenient, but there is nothing better than a well-made piece you can rely on for years. 

Become a ‘Jacket Guy’

You might see guys in jackets at the bar or around town and wonder if you could ever pull that look off. You might have tried it before but not felt that it worked for you. This is how most people feel when they first try to wear a sports jacket, but all it takes is practice. It is a surprisingly versatile option, and you can wear it with a t-shirt, polo or dress shirt, with jeans, smart trousers, or chinos. It’s an excellent way to upgrade your style and makes you feel less bare when heading out for an evening. 

Get a Signature Piece

Often, it’s just one little thing that can make a statement and upgrade your style. Your signature piece will be how people recognise you. It could be the best new brand of glasses, a watch, piece of jewellery that stands out, whether rings or chains or even something that contrasts boldly with the rest of your outfit, like a polka dot bow tie. Your signature piece gives you the chance to experiment and be a little quirky, so don’t be afraid to try new things. 

The Benefits of Monochrome

You don’t need to dress solely in black and white (although that’s never as bad look), but instead, rely on a few basic colours that form the foundations of every outfit. The most popular monochromatic colours include dark blues and greys, as these are versatile enough to suit most other colours. They give you a look that’s appealing without looking too drab, but they also allow you to add splashes of colour if you want to make things more interesting. 

Care For Your Clothes

Caring for your clothes won’t just make them look better, but it will also ensure they last longer. If you’re buying expensive items, you don’t want to replace them every other year. The good news is that more expensive items will last longer anyway, but you’ll still need to care for them. Polish your shoes regularly to keep their shine, get your suits dry cleaned, and always check the washing instructions label. 

Dress Shoes: Not Just for the Office

Too many guys rely on trainers like Vans or Converse when out for casual occasions, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s not always appropriate. Dress shoes are a great way to enhance any outfit for dinner dates or hitting the town. However, there is the risk you’ll look too much like Barry from the pub who relies on pointed shoes and faded jeans, complete with his favourite Carling-stained Fred Perry shirt. Finding the right shoes to match with your trouser will help you avoid this. 

Save Up and Treat Yourself

Cheap clothes are useful for restocking your wardrobe from time to time, especially things like £2 white shirts that you wear underneath your dress shirts, but there’s something that feels good about saving up and buying more expensive items. Put away some of your wages every month to save up for things you really want rather than splurging it all on impulse buys. 

Be Well Groomed

A well-groomed man is one that appeals to more people. You will look more in control of your life, more professional, and also more approachable. Investing in a good haircut (rather than try to do it yourself), and having a quality grooming kit will help you continue to look the part. If needed, watch tutorials on how to sculpt your facial hair properly, and don’t forget to moisturise every day. 

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion

You don’t need to spend all your money on designer labels or obsessively follow the latest trends. For most guys, all it takes is a little upgrade here or there to enhance your style and make you stand out. Guys often feel that it’s too late for them to change their look, but there’s no need for something drastic, just a little more care