Founded in July 1999 by Thierry Martino, this brand has quickly become entrenched in the world of rock and chic jewellery.


Every vision at SoulFetish begins with the flame and breath of inspiration.  The sources of this inspiration are born from ancient beliefs and symbols of this universe, the archaic, philosophical battle of good versus evil and the alchemic notion of ‘spiritualization of matter’.

This philosophy is not only seen in the jewellery created but in the design and detail in each boutique that stocks SoulFetish Jewellery.


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SoulFetish is a life style, a collective of people who appreciate style, taste and absolute quality.



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The collection draws from the momento of mori imagery, as well as mystical symbolism,  fantasy comics, tattoos and gothic architecture.  Each piece is carved using the ancient technique of wax sculpture and carving making each item a unique one-off with a lifetime guarantee.

Thierry Martino begun journey in France having spent 5 years for the distinguished brand Reminiscence.  He then went on to open two shops of his own in 1992 and then further refining his skills at France’s école nationale de bijouterie” in Saumur.   His spirit of enquiry for life, spirituality and jewellery led him to travel around until he finally settled in Thailand where SoulFetish was born.

SoulFetish are also one of the very few brands with a Harley Davidson partnership license.  Each year Thierry Martino designs a collection in homage to the Harley-Davidson, with each piece made in honour of the legend and for the biker lifestyle.



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Life is a journey of light and dark, both of which should be embraced. Such is the journey of Soulfetish. Embrace it. Nurture it. Live it!


There are currently stores in France, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Italy, a showroom in Bangkok, Thailand.  Check out their website –