The Best Tips And Advice To Help You Take Better Pictures

Many of us love to take pictures. We might do it for professional purposes as part of our jobs, or it might simply be to capture the memories. This is why a lot of people are always on the hunt for ways they can improve their photography skills. Summer is an ideal time to pull out the camera and start snapping away. It might be on holiday, it might be just to capture a fun day out. Winter and many other times of the year are just as good. No matter what day it is, you can capture a moment, a memory, or enhance your skills for your business by taking better pictures. 

The one thing people don’t consider is making more of the skills that they have. It doesn’t matter whether it is just for fun, part of your business, or even your profession. There is so much you can do to improve, so many ways you can be creative, and options that you can try, that the pool of photography is so vast. So it is important to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With that in mind, as it is the new year and many are looking to take on new skills, hobbies or improve in some way, now would be an excellent time to share with you some of the tips and tricks to help you take better pictures.

Image source – pixabay – cco license

Use online blogs and websites for inspiration and advice

It’s important to look for guidance and inspiration in any form, and there is no better way than checking out photography blogs and websites. Online spaces like camera specific websites and blogs or similar can offer a lot of advice, as well as an example of work and pictures taken. You could also look at other online websites like YouTube for video advice and even for more visual inspiration. Instagram is also a very visual platform and you may find that there is a lot of information on there and inspiring pictures that could help you to get your creative juices flowing. Some even share tips on how to do things which can prove very useful. 

Get up close

It doesn’t necessarily mean up close and personal otherwise all of your shots would be zoomed in, but getting up close means more to do with being involved in the action. Photographing a busy street? Get amongst the crowd. Capturing a busy family event or birthday party, get in on the party and capture the fun. Getting up close will help you to take pictures that are both energetic and full of life, but you may also see some of the hidden beauty amongst the hustle and bustle, as well as in the stills you take. 

Think about the lighting

Before clicking the button on your camera, take a moment to observe where the light is coming from. Where and how you take your photograph is dominated by light, and you may miss an opportunity to capture someone or something in a better way by changing the direction in which you point and shoot. The more you try and take advantage of light, the better your pictures may come out and be reproduced. There is also a skill to taking pictures at night as well, and using light in a different way to enhance certain elements of the picture you are trying to capture. This is where you can get really creative with the settings and let your imagination run wild. 

Think about the object or person you trying to photograph

Taking scenic shots is one thing, but trying to capture an object or even a person can be something a little more different. Take a person, for example. You will want to ensure that they look the part, perhaps they are advertising a clothing brand, or trying to poetry a certain lifestyle. Looking online for brands such as Balmain for men or other alternatives could help you to recreate the style. After all, you may be taking the picture, but you also want to ensure that they are in the best possible appearance for the shot. An object can be harder still. You need to strike the right balance between capturing the object with a decent background and to avoid a background or other things dominating the way the picture turns out. 

Image source – pixabay – cco license

Read your camera manual

Many people invest in flashy cameras and then always leave it in automatic mode. Now is the time to dig out the manual and read it thoroughly. Know the equipment you have in order to take better pictures. If you have lost the manual then don’t worry. If you type on the model of the camera into google or the cameras brand website, you will likely find a digital version. You may also find blogs that help to make sense of the camera settings for you, with some “how to” tutorial style content that can help you get started. 

Don’t rush when taking pictures

We can all be guilty of snapping away too hastily, but try and slow down and take the time to really think about the picture you are taking. You need to consider the lighting, the angle, and even change the settings on your camera if needs be. Most importantly try and visualise the moment in your mind before finally taking that snap. Photography isn’t always about just snapping away and hoping for the best. It is your chance to get creative and to make the most of what you can. 

Think about what you are trying to achieve

This is more specific to someone who has intent and purpose with the pictures they are taking. For example, you may want to think about the objects you are photographing for your business, or perhaps an event that you have been hired to shoot and capture images of. Have a plan ahead of time, or speak with your clients to understand what it is they want to achieve. If you are taking pictures of an event, for example a party or a wedding, you may want to understand the style and how someone wants the story of the vent to be portrayed. The more you take this into account, the better the pictures will be. 

Keep your camera with you all of the time

Finally, always have your camera with you. You will never know when the opportunity strikes to capture the perfect shot. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always feel inspired to take pictures and capture the memories. This is the difference between being a good photographer and a great photographer. Your camera should be part of who you are and therefore enable you to be in a position anytime, anywhere, any place to capture the moments and make the most of your camera and the potential out there. 

Taking pictures is something that many of us really enjoy doing. But not all of us take the time to try and capture the perfect image. Besides, does the perfect image really exist? Often the best shots are when you are in the moment, and not necessarily overthinking it. The advice above may tell you to look at certain aspects of the moment, such as lighting, camera settings and having a plan. But as all of that becomes a habit you will start to go with the flow and in the end, capture some amazing photos.