These handy life hacks will serve any man well. Quick tips are a great way to get your life back on track before it becomes a problem. So, be sure to remember these tips and save yourself from those embarrassing, scruffy mornings.


Tired Eyes?


Rolling into the office on a Monday morning with bags under your eyes bigger than the ones going into your morning brew isn’t going to cut it. Your boss won’t be impressed and your colleagues will instantly know. You’ll have unprofessionalism smeared all over your face. After a late night, or a few too many bottles it’s important to look presentable the next day. Appearance is everything. Picking up a simply Eye Roll-On is the ultimate quick fix that will leave your eyes looking wide and alert throughout the day. You’re welcome!


Broken Jeans?


Sometimes, as guys, our clothes break at the most unfortunate moments! There’s always nobody about to help you fix them, and we’re always strapped for cash. So a replacement is out of the question! If you’ve busted the button on your pants or you simply can’t get them around your waist anymore, don’t worry. Comfy Clothiers have a solution. A simple pants extender can keep your jeans buckled up, even if they’re broken. No more worries!


Bad Hair Day?


Bad hair days simply come down to one thing – washing. Your hair needs it’s natural oils, but when its starting to get greasy, you’re only asking for a bad hair day! Clean and naturally healthy hair is the basis of any incredible ‘do’. Maybe switch up your shampoo and conditioner if this is proving no good. Also, try and shower every morning to make sure you have a fresh set of locks to style. Just never go to bed with wet hair – it’ll set in the craziest of ways! Nobody wants that.


Bad Breath?


If your girl is moaning every morning about how bad your breath stinks, then it’s time to take action. Mouthwash is the simplest of solutions. It’s cheap and affordable, too! Be sure to use it twice a day, following on from whenever you clean your teeth works best. This quick fix will have your breath smelling minty fresh in no time. So she’ll be less inclined to get out of bed tomorrow morning.


Baggy Shirt?


Nothing looks worse than a baggy shirt. Perhaps you’ve lost weight or your shirt’s gone funny in the wash. Either way, you’ve got to look presentable at the office, and here’s a quick tip on how to manage it. The standard method won’t do. You need to carry out what is known as a “military tuck.” Fold the excess fabric from the seam of your shirt and tuck it into your pants’ band. Then secure it tightly with a belt for the ultimate, clean look. It’s all part of looking dapper, so don’t miss this trend.


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Any of these quick fixes should help you maintain your look without too much trouble. It’s a pain when your style slips, but follow these tips and you’ll never need to worry ever again!