A great watch is a must-have for any well-dressed gent. It can finish off the finest outfit, and ensures people know that you take your time seriously. They are elegant, delicate pieces of machinery that have been around for centuries and, no matter how much technology progresses, will be here for many more to come. They are, however, a lot of money.


It doesn’t matter which watchmaker you prefer, if your favourite piece ends up broken, so will your spirits. And, of course, you will face a hefty bill to repair it. With this in mind, I thought I would put together a few ideas that will help you keep your timepiece in beautiful condition for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at those right away.


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Be careful where you wear it


While a great watch is certainly an eye turner, there is a time and a place for everything. Keep it out of harm’s way when you are doing any kind of sport or activity that involves raising your heart rate. Not only will you risk a few bangs here and there, but you will also start sweating. So, if you have a leather strap, it will begin to look a little peaky in no time at all – and let’s not forget about the smell it causes, either!


Clean Regularly


The longer you leave your watch without cleaning it, the grimier it will appear. Unfortunately, even those £50,000 pieces don’t come with an inbuilt bathing system, so you will have to do it yourself no matter how much you have spent. However, a gentle clean on a regular basis should be all that is needed. Use a slightly damp cloth and wipe gently across the face, and do the same for your metal straps. I find that a damp cotton tip bud can also be effective for the little kinks that you get. If you have a leather strap, don’t use water, as it will ruin in a short time. Finally, make sure to bring it to a watchmaker or jeweler for a deep clean once every six months.


Store it well


How do you store your watch? A friend of mine has a five figure piece that he keeps in his bedside drawer – he just flings it in there before he goes to sleep. If you follow this solution, your watch isn’t going to last long. It needs protection from damages and dust, so perhaps keeping it in a safe might be a wise idea. You can also store your watch in a watch winder. They will keep it out of harm’s way and also keep it up to speed. Plus, of course, it will take away the need for you to wind it up yourself.


Regular Servicing


Finally, treat your watch as you would a car and have it serviced regularly. It doesn’t cost a lot, and it will identify any little problem that could develop into a bigger one. In the long-term, it will save you money and, most of all, help you keep your watch in great condition for many years to come.