Getting through a day in the office can be a tough challenge. That hand on the clock can seem to be moving in slow motion. But this is because you were not properly prepared. You just need a few tips that will help a day in the office seem like a walk in the park. I can help you here. If you ever feel like the day should be over when it has only just begun, then read on.


A Good Nights Rest


A good sleep the night before is essential. You need to start Sunday night. You can not ease into the routine as the week rolls on. I am not saying you will not get up for work. You will. But people can tell when someone has not slept properly. Their eye sink into their face, their skin is blotchy and they constantly yawn. To get a good night’s sleep, switch off all the electronic devices in your bedroom. Leave your alarm on but if it is on your phone, put it as far away as possible. Have a hot drink before you go to bed and clear your mind of the previous day.


   2) Breakfast


I often skip breakfast but this is a mistake. I find I do my best work on a full stomach. A bowl of cereal will do but if you have a particularly tough day try something cooked or fresh. Such as bacon on toast or fruit and yoghurt. Eating breakfast stimulates your mind, and you are already more awake.


  3) A Routine


A morning routine is a good idea as it conditions your mind and body to expect certain activities. This way you will not miss anything and can run on a kind of autopilot until you wake up properly. I advise this morning routine includes, stretching, a shower, a cup of coffee, shaving and watching tv. Or, reading the newspaper. You may not like coffee that much but it will keep you focused and attentive for that drive into work.



Some men may not be shaving every day for work. There are a few reasons why you should reconsider. First, shaving with a good soap and a sharp blade revitalizes the skin. It will get rid of that groggy look left over from the previous night. Second, unshaved does not look professional. This may be important for your job if you need to talk to clients. Do remember that all jobs require some form of customer service. Perhaps you avoid shaving because you never have a sharp blade. You can fix this by researching subscription razor services. This means new blades are delivered routinely to your door so you will never be without.


4) Avoid Road Rage


Finally, the last job before starting work is transportation. If you are driving this can be very stressful. You need to avoid this. Otherwise your day has gone downhill before it has begun. Accept that the person who just cut you off is just like you. They are trying to get to work on time. Accept that there is nothing you can do about traffic jams. Play some music or listen to the radio and it will be over before you know it. If you do this, you will be in a calm state of mind and ready to get down to business.