What to Wear for Your Summer Workout

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Exercise wear and summer go hand-in-hand – mostly because you can rock the style outdoors without freezing. With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to have a look at 2018’s most fashionable exercise wear so that you can look sporty and healthy whenever you feel like it and regardless of how healthy you actually are.



Here is a breakdown of the biggest trends this year in terms of clothes – as well as all of those gadgets people are running around with lately.


In general: Keep it simple

You don’t have to submit to flashy yoga pants and neon-coloured shoes if you don’t want to. In fact, you’d be completely on-trend by simply sliding into a white t-shirt and some stretchy sweat-leggings. No fuss, just basic workout clothes. Navy-themes clothes, stripes, and basic colours are what you’d want to keep an eye out for.

If you like to exercise outside, as you should in the summer it’s a good idea to consider adding a hooded anorak in case the weather is more rainy than sunny. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air, cool rain, and look completely prepared.


For your feet: Sock Sneakers

Sneaker fashion is all the rage and most people seem to wear them wherever they go and preferably outside of the gym. Sock sneakers are sleek, ankle-hugging shoes that will have you look terribly trendy – perhaps even a bit too on-trend for some people. If you’re not quite ready to embrace this futuristic look, you can have a look at these Jordan shoes instead; they’re just as comfortable and won’t even break the bank.


For the gym: Moisture-wicking shirts

Alright, you’ll see many compression shirts in the gym lately and particularly on overly muscular men. You can still get that defined look, though, even if your abs are still kind of hidden – just have a look at this selection of moisture-wicking shirts and you’ll see what we mean. They are a lot more comfortable to wear than those old cotton t-shirts as well, by the way, and you can achieve that gym-god look without all the effort.


For fun: Fitbit Ionic

We promised you a tech-related gadget, so here we go; the Ionic is Fitbit’s strongest smartwatch yet and offers so many features that fitness freaks are bound to love it. Obviously, it keeps track of all your workouts, calorie burns, daily activities, sleep cycles and so on, but the design is what stuns most people as it is both good-looking and comfortable.

If you’re not sure which Fitbit to get, you can have a look at this handy article to help guide you through the smartwatch jungle.