Why a Suit Is Essential in Turning a Boy into a Man

Why a Suit Is Essential in Turning a Boy into a Man

One of the most iconic formal attires for any man is a suit. Traditionally worn in subtle black and grey tones, the suit has taken many different colours and materials over the years,including blue, yellow, green — you name it! But just how important is a suit? Research suggests that the clothes you wear can affect how well you perform in your day-to-day activities, and with a suit having a diverse array of purposes for all men, this could be the symbol that represents a boy’s maturity into a man. 

With that said, we’re exploring many of the ways a suit can make this happen and the importance of owning one for every young man. 

Entering the adult world 

One of the most common reasons for a teenage boy to purchase a suit is when entering the world of work. Being a popular choice of office wear for many, a suit is about so much more than just how it makes someone feel. It also says a lot about their personality.

For those that have just landed their first dream job, internship, or apprenticeship, a suit to their first day at work can communicate to their boss who they are as a person. It can connote their resilience to deal with all the stresses and struggles they could encounter in the adult world. A silk tie,for example, can present them as valuing the traditional smart office attire that helps portray a boy as a mature and reliable young man. As for a suit that screams sophistication and has been ironed to perfection, it shows that you pay close attention to detail and strive to achieve a high standard in everything that you do — all being transferrable skills anemployer will look for and appreciate.

Since the majority of us have been working from home recently, whose to say that suits can’t be worn here too? Suits aren’t just about the impression we give to employers but how it makes us feel. Put simply, if a suit makes not just young men, but anyone, feel formal and suitably dressed for work, then continuing to dress like this at home, instead of staying in our pyjamas, can keep us in the correct frame of mind. Ultimately, this can help keep a solid divide between our home life and home working. 

Adding additional accessories to wear with your suit is the ultimate finishing touch a boy needs to signify their maturity. According to the dress code published by the Swiss Bank UBS, wearing a watch with a suit suggests a person has sufficient timekeeping abilities that all employers desire. 

Capturing those memorable life moments

As previously discussed, the versatility of suits and the uses they have is remarkable. Whether you have a job interview, a formal event, a funeral, a graduation, or a wedding, a boy’s first suit is one way to symbolise the start of all these essential life events. 

A boy purchasing a suit that has been tailored specifically for them is a special experience. Owning something that is personalised exactly how they desire is something they will remember throughout their life and consider a valuable attribute that helped turn their regular, teenage clothing into a formal and mature choice of menswear. 

For the majority of us, our body shape and size change the older we get. Although a boy’s first suit won’t likely be the same comfortable fit it once was at eighteen years old, another essential life event is the moment when they pass it down to the generations after them. A suit could be the signature piece of maturity that, when passed down, symbolises the monumental changing point from a boy to a man. 

A steppingstone towards individuality 

As previously discussed, suits can be seen in a variety of different colours, materials, and fabrics. From checked or lined styles, to cashmere, linen or silk materials, there are numerous options to be considered when choosing the ideal suit to reflect a boy’s personality. Different materials can help to stand out from the crowd, so opting for a tweed waistcoat as an extra could be a way to do this! To go even further would be to say that a suit could even help a boy discover part of who they are as a person and adapt their suit preference to reflect this. 

The colour of a suit says a lot about an individual. Take light blue for example. This has positive connotations with wisdom, stability, trust, and confidence. These are all personality traits any boy should be proud to highlight through their choice of outfit. 

As for yellow, this commonly reflects intellect, joy, happiness,and energy. This ensures a positive mind frame is kept throughout the process of becoming a man!

One of the most relatable colours for any teenage boy is green. This colour is commonly associated with growth, freshness, but also a lack of life experience. For anyone, determining how to define yourself as an individual is not something that can be done overnight. A colourful green suit is the best way to reflect upon the acceptance that this is okay. 

With this said, either a small or minor investment into a sophisticated new suit is arguably the most distinctive feature between the adolescent and adult world.